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Existence On Air: Cody Miles’ Championship Winning STI

A great deal continues to be discussed the performance features of air suspension, but rarely have individuals attributes have you been proven so for sure.

I understand that around the many occasions that I’ve needed to show people who their preconceptions of air suspension are somewhat dated, I had been frequently met having a appearance of disbelief. Once they got from the vehicle following a passenger ride though, or perhaps a drive of Project GTI inside a couple of cases, every one of these was won over. They almost all the same factor: ‘it’s as being a vehicle on coilovers.’ But it isn’t, though. It’s on air.

That can be a anecdote is simply simple subjective feedback, I’d completely agree that real evidence must be objective. And you will find couple of things more definitive than the usual lap time.

You may make excuses, you are able to blame another person, but ultimately, you cannot argue as time passes. As the saying goes, the stopwatch doesn’t lie.

As a result, there’s virtually no better ambassador for performance air suspension than Cody Miles. Cody were built with a huge affect on my making decisions after i was debating if you should choose an aura suspension setup. He is just about the default person that i can indicate if somebody asks me to demonstrate that air suspension could be competitive. He’s had the experience, he’s done that and more importantly, he’s won.

What’s he won? In the first couple of seasons he’s end up being the Redline Time Attack champion both in 2015 and 2016, together with using the Global Time Attack Pro championship this season. He’s taken a couple of lap records on the way, too. Most likely the highlight of his 2016 season was smashing the lengthy-standing overall Street Class lap record – including front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive competitors – at Road Atlanta with a full second on his first trip to the Georgia circuit. He won their own class by four seconds in the same event.

What began as Cody’s daily driver ultimately become this self-built, class-dominating but still street-legal competition vehicle. The evolution continues to be quick. Cody has owned the vehicle for approximately 2 yrs as well as in this time around it’s come a really lengthy way, though it still remains in keeping with its origins and hasn’t completely transcended in to the arena of full-blown race vehicle. It’s still relatable.

It was by design. Cody began focusing on the vehicle and developing it if this was his sole vehicle and daily driver, something I know that many us can affiliate with. It had been at the start of his possession he made a decision to buy Air Lift Performance‘s suspension and control system. He’d seen the now famous Air versus Coilovers video, and it was interested in the outcomes. Initially, he was sceptical concerning the claims made but made the decision it had been worth a go. He wanted a setup he could abuse on street and circuit, something which permitted him to put the vehicle on the ground as he wanted and also to lift it for obstacles and driveways. He wanted functionality, a thing that we don’t think I’ve seen inside a aspect of a championship-winning competition vehicle.

I’m able to connect with that, you may can too. There comes a place where scraping and rubbing over every imperfection or bump will get old, and functionality involves the forefront. Functionality and gratifaction are a couple of words that for such a long time happen to be contrasting terms within the automotive world, but occasions are altering. You will find couple of better types of this than Cody’s STI.

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