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Lounging Out A Late-Model Benz

Apart from providing you with a general take a look at GoodRides’ recent Speed Matsuri in Indonesia, while in the event I had been constantly around the search for cars to concentrate on. Earlier within the week we required a glance at a really tough little K-swapped Honda Brio constructed with absolute function in your mind, but now it’s about form and occasional-lower style.

While making all things in the ocean of cars being proven in the Offset Nobleman side of event, this practice wide-body Mercedes-Benz W212 stopped me within my tracks.

The metal work and a focus to detail was on another level. I simply had to obtain the owner and find out more about the build.

With amazing support in the guys at GoodRides, I could connect with Ihsan Ali Talib, who owns Platinum Motorsports, who had been greater than happy to talk me through his beautiful creation

The idea behind the custom fender work was to keep your overall image searching as natural as you possibly can. And also to the untrained eye, the W212’s bodywork could indeed pass as factory.

To offer the preferred result, Ihsan cut each fender into three large parts, basically creating large triangular-like sections. He then could pull the fender out as many as five inches and weld in extra steel where needed.

Exactly the same process was repeated in the rear, however only at that finish from the vehicle Ihsan also needed to make similar triangular cuts in to guarantee the lines from the freshly widened fenders matched in perfectly.

Among other work, the whole process required three several weeks to accomplish. The finish result perfectly embodies the vision that Ihsan been on mind as he began dicing the vehicle.

20-inch OZ Racing Futura wheels fitted with Radinox lips really are a right diamond necklace for that big-body Benz, as well as perform a congrats of revealing the vibrant yellow 6-pot Brembo calipers and 380mm drilled 2-piece rotors.

The inside remains mostly stock aside from the driver and passenger seats that have been swapped over from the C207.

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