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This really is Mazda’s amazing 600bhp IMSA racer

As well as gentlemen, be upstanding for that Mazda RT24-P. No, not really a prototype washer, however a prototype racing vehicle, ready for that IMSA championship in 2017. Which is excellent.

Partially since it has a 600bhp engine (a couple.-litre four cylinder utilized in the 2016 IMSA championship), and partially because, well, it appears a little fantastic. Yes, you receive a large amount of spiel about “the soul of motion” design philosophy that Mazda is executing presently, but it’s been performed to great effect here.

Sticking towards the oft-quoted notion that ‘if it appears fast, it most likely is fast’, senior Mazda designer Ken Saward stated: “We learned that using the KODO design philosophy towards the surfaces and also the silhouette from the vehicle enabled us to produce a dynamic, purposeful-searching design along with a very aerodynamically efficient one.”

Two Mazda RT24-Ps is going to be fielded in 2017, by SpeedSource Race Engineering. Everything sits on something known as a ‘Riley Mk.30 chassis’, produced by – surprise – Riley Technologies and Multimac. Riley, we’re reliably informed, apparently has 99 race wins and nine prototype season titles to the name in American endurance racing. So, a little bit of understanding there.

But it’s by pointing out looks at this time. “This is a big moment for Mazda Motorsports and also the entire Mazda family,” explains Mazda Motorsports’ John Doonan. “To possess a vehicle featuring Mazda design language at the very top degree of our motorsports programme is significant for all of us like a brand. We feel we’ve the best team, the best motorists and also the right chassis to win races and titles.”

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