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A Mercedes Maybach Sports utility vehicle is ‘still an option’

Talk of future method is always difficult, most famously when you are speaking about high-finish luxury cars. But Mercedes-Benz has hinted that the luxury Maybach Sports utility vehicle continues to be around the cards.

“We are searching at a variety of options,” Matthias Luhrs, global sales chief of Merc, explains to about expanding the Maybach range. “A [Maybach] Sports utility vehicle continues to be one of these.Inches

Yup, believed that may have piqued your interest. Considering the world’s carmakers tossing their hats in to the super luxury Sports utility vehicle ring – Rolls-Royce, Bentley, hell, even Lamborghini – it surely is sensible for Mercedes to make use of the Maybach brand for any luxo-Sports utility vehicle?

Luhrs notes that “no decision has been created yet” on any potential Maybach-branded Sports utility vehicle, but it’d be considered a pretty victorious one to visualize you might appear. It might join the Pullman S-Class, and also the Maybach Cabriolet revealed only at that year’s La motor show.

In addition, when pressed on the thought of a completely electric Maybach Sports utility vehicle – to match the lately revealed Mercedes-Benz EQ – he stated: “At as soon as we’re just searching in the EQ Mercedes brand. Whether then we – around the EQ basis – develop a Maybach is simply too early to state.

“But it may be a choice for the following generation,” he added.

To be honest, a Maybach Sports utility vehicle really makes lots of sense, relatively talking about course…

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