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Mercedes-AMG GLC43 review: 362bhp crossover tested

A lot of letters and figures. Which Mercedes Sports utility vehicle is that this?

This is actually the Mercedes-Benz GLC, so it’s the C-Class-sized Sports utility vehicle, sitting underneath the GLE and GLS and over the GLA.

The 43 describes its 3.-litre twin-turbo V6 engine – it’s the ‘entry-level’ AMG version, along with a 63 using the 4.-litre twin turbo V8 will most likely be along in the end.

Meanwhile, that one has 362bhp and 384lb foot of torque from 2000rpm. This is sufficient to send it to 62mph in 4.9secs as well as on to some top speed of 155mph. So yeah, it isn’t slow. Another pertinent figures are 34.0mpg and 189g/km of CO2, plus a list cost of £47,875.

Shall We Be Held in thinking you do not particularly such as this engine?

Somewhat you’re. When we’ve driven it in Merc’s sporty stuff we’ve never thought it was that friendly or engaging (see Mercedes SLC43 and Mercedes C43), whilst in the E-Class it appears to need to work way too hard to become satisfying.

However, this is actually the sweet place. GLC 43 = good vehicle. I’m as impressed by this as anybody, since a week ago I drove a GLC250d coupe and reckon it’s among the least appealing cars I’ve driven this season.

I am not keen on individuals X6-derivative Sports utility vehicle coupes usually, however that one’s stiffer suspension matched having a diesel burner felt just like a poor fit. It felt itchy they are driving, uncomfortable in the own skin. This, oddly, may be the opposite.

Why oddly?

Because no-one’s thinking about buying it. It’s a little, over-powered Sports utility vehicle with comparatively high emissions along with a badge that does not say Porsche or Jaguar. The Macan and F-Pace possess a niche because they’re sporty. The GLC doesn’t. It’s a household motor, aligns itself using the Land Rover Discovery Sport and BMW X3, and neither of the two is even provided with a gas within the United kingdom. Because no-one buys them.

Therefore the GLC43 is really a try to sell you. But it’s certainly one of individuals cars that simply gels. Should you make an effort to drive it just like a Macan and hotshoe concerning the place, you miss the purpose. It may be 100kg lighter compared to Porsche, but it isn’t as agile or rewarding. There’s a little bit of lean in corners, the steering isn’t as accurate.

Don’t misunderstand me, it’s a quick factor, and can get itself lower a road with commendable, surprisingly pace, but it’s a seven-tenths vehicle. Guide it easily and you’ll get good speed from it.

What organization from the engine?

It’s bang on with this application. The correct quantity of weight to maneuver, assertive without having to be aggressive, and there’s always a little bit of tune and rasp in the exhaust that reminds you you aren’t driving a diesel. It’s difficult to place a value with that, however it helps make the vehicle feel different, puts a spring in the step.

The cost you have to pay is daily economy of approximately 26-28mpg. I do not think that’s bad for any vehicle which will charge with enough contentration in the horizon to help keep a VW Golf R honest.

Turbo lag can there be, but no issue because of the car’s more enjoyable attitude. Torque occurs strong and also the auto will a good job of shuffling itself between your nine gears. Don’t bother paddle shifting it – you’ll have RSI. And besides, the paddles aren’t that responsive. Just let it rest be and you will be happy.

Sport and luxury settings are the type to select from. Leave Eco alone because it essentially puts the vehicle – or at best the throttle – to rest, and Sport causes it to be unnecessarily energetic, giving the throttle an excessive amount of snap from the line.

How’s it inside?

Less practically minded like a Disco Sport if I’m honest – premium German stuff is commonly a little more self-consciously stylish instead of concentrating on family needs and requirements. However, that kind of fits using the GLC43’s remit. It’s as practical as it must be, it’s as spacious as it must be, it’s good in advance also it rides well.

Will it? Individuals wheels are 19s…

I understand, but they’re 55 profile in front, 50 in the rear, which provides a little bit of squidge to proceedings. Airmatic suspension is standard and, again, both Comfort and Sport settings provide you with the correct amount of support and control without presenting any harshness.

Every other rivals to consider apart from the Porsche and Jaguar?

Not necessarily. The Audi SQ5 maybe – that’s a much better vehicle than many people credit, and thus may be the BMW X3 35d. However the Merc’s engine does get beneath your skin. Enough to warrant gas over diesel? I am not sure – like I stated, this can be a tough sell and does not have a particular, obvious USP. The Macan does handling, the F-Pace does style, the GLC43 does… well, solutions below, please.

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