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Autocar magazine 19 December Christmas double issue preview

Autocar magazine 19 December Christmas double issue preview

The special 188-page Autocar double issue continues purchase this Wednesday, mixing celebrations of the season passed by using the year’s greatest assortment of news, features and used and new-vehicle buying advice.

The centrepiece is really a 20-page retrospective around the best cars our road test department has driven all year long, adopted through the outcomes of our readers’ poll for his or her vehicle of the season.

James Ruppert also constitutes a special appearance within our 14-page Used Cars For Sale for Christmas buying guide. Donning a rather shabby Santa suit, James steers buyers for the most enjoyable cars money can purchase for each budget from £500 upwards.

We host the new Hatch World Cup, with Andrew Frankel as referee. Your competition pits the very best hot hatches ever in a single competition, and the very best of the present breed together in another, using the two finalists then going mind-to-mind inside a champion-takes-all showdown. Star cars range from the Peugeot 205 GTI, Volkswagen Golk GTI Mk1, Lancia Delta Integrale, Ford Focus RS Mk1, Renaultsport Clio, BMW M135i, Ford Focus ST and Small Cooper S.

The standard Christmas road test assumes a set note this season, once we visit Japan for any world exclusive try out within the Mitsubishi i-Miev Pikes Peak Hillclimb racer. In addition to being stunningly fast, this electric racer gives clues towards the technology arranged for that all-new and significantly different next-gen Mitsubishi Evo.

As always, Colin Goodwin is on hands to boost smiles because he considers greater than a century of automotive advances by twin testing a Nissan Leaf having a horse and carriage. Bag of carrots prepared, he’s shocked to locate the speediest horses might get him from London to Brighton quicker than the electrical vehicle, once charging (or feeding) occasions are taken inechto account.

Goodwin has additionally been gallivanting all over the world looking for a guy who describes themself as “one from the slowest F1 motorists ever”. On the couple of pints inside a Monaco bar, 1990s racer Taki Inoue reveals to Goodwin how he earned it to the upper echelon of motorsport, and just how he were able to wheel and deal to remain there.

Our annual lengthy-term test fleet review also sheds invaluable light around the best cars we’ve driven throughout the entire year, with Autocar staff picking the very best for various groups including perfect for a b –road thrash, perfect for a lengthy-distance drive and finest to be used around town.

Other highlights one of the jam-packed issue include our favourite photography of the season, an easy-hearted take a look at what won’t take place in 2013 within our Almanac, highlights and behind-the-scene tales in the year’s magazines and website tales, an analysis into why trolley buses may be the response to inner city pollution problems, a trip to Britan’s newest freeway service station, a kart showdown between road test editor Matt Prior along with a 16-year-old rising star from the sport, Steve Cropley’s top heroes of the season, along with a profile from the would-be heroes of 2013, the Mission Motorsport group of hurt servicemen dealing with the Dakar Rally.

We have all of the latest first drive reviews, such as the new Ford Kuga, the Skoda Octavia, a Vauxhall Adam having a revised, United kingdom-specific steering arrangement and also the Dacia Sandero Stepway. News highlights include first information on the approaching BMW 5-series rival being planned by Porsche, detailed information around the BMW M6 GranCoupé and also the latest info on the brand new Range Rover Sport.

As always, playboy can be obtained all good newsagents, or readily available for download from Zinio or even the Itunes store.


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