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Official details: Fiat 500 Abarth

Official details: Fiat 500 Abarth

Fundamental essentials first official pictures of the Fiat Abarth 500, the greatest form of the smash-hit city vehicle.

The Abarth is going to be operated by a 135bhp, 1.4-litre turbocharged gas engine is will to visit purchase early the coming year putting on the famous Scorpion badge.

These first photos of the harder Fiat 500 reveal a far more severe monochrome interior compared to standard vehicle, having a flat-bottomed controls, a leather-covered dash cowl and bespoke Abarth sports seats that’ll be obtainable in either black or red.

To assist combat torque steer, it uses Fiat’s Torque Transfer Control system, which applies the brakes to chop wheel spin.

Fiat claims the 500 Abarth may be the only vehicle in the class to utilize a system such as this. In addition, there’s a round boost gauge inside a separate dial from the steering column which contains a gear-shift indicator.

Fiat’s also because of the vehicle a telemetry system that may plot your situation on the track, record lap occasions and keep data for various motorists- it’s a part of Fiat’s Blue&Me technology.

The 2nd vehicle pictured (using the red chequered roof) is really a more effective, special edition form of the Abarth 500 known as the ‘Opening Edition’. It’ll simply be offered in Italia and can offer 160bhp and 179lb foot torque from the better tuned form of the fir.4-litre motor.

The Outlet Edition will be able to hit 62mph in 7.4sec. Additionally, it will get uprated brakes with drilled dvds, different springs and different 17-inch alloys. Detailed information of specs and cost is going to be revealed closer to the Abarth’s launch within the United kingdom.



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