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New Volvo S60 teased

New Volvo S60 teased

This is actually the first official picture of the approaching Volvo S60 saloon.

The vehicle is reflected within the portions of Esref Armagan, a Turkish artist who had been born blind.

Hi-res Volvo S60 picture

Armagen is going to be painting the vehicle, using his hands along with other senses to ‘see’ the way it looks.

Between now and also the car’s launch at next year’s Geneva motor show he’ll communicate with people to the car’s Facebook page, drawing specific areas of the vehicle based on public demands.

Volvo’s design director Peter Horbury stated: “I am happy with the brand new Volvo S60. It features a a lot more dynamic and sculpted form than any previous Volvo – it is a very emotive form.

“This is exactly why this seems like this kind of exciting project – presenting our forthcoming model to a person as unusual like a blind artist.”

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