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Audi’s First All-electric Vehicle Is a Model X Fighter

Audi’s First All-electric Vehicle Is a Model X Fighter


Audis first production electric vehicle is a crossover to battle the Tesla Model X, the German luxury carmaker stated Wednesday.

Concept sketches and initial specifications released by Audi detailed their crossover that’s operated by three electric motors – lent from the R8 e-tron concept vehicle – having a suggested selection of over 300 miles. Based on Audi, the crossover, that is known as the e-tron quattro concept, would slot between your companys 182.6-inch Q5 and 200.3-inch Q7. Teslas Model X is 197 inches lengthy.

The crossovers lithium-ion battery will give the vehicle a variety greater than 300 miles.

The crossover can make its very first in the Frankfurt Auto Show the following month.

Based on Audi, the Sports utility vehicle could be incredibly slippery. Its .25 coefficient of drag will be the just like a Toyota Prius. The vehicle would use moveable aerodynamic elements in-front, on its sides and powering the vehicle. Additionally to moveable aero, the crossover have a completely flat bottom.


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