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Puppy nip and tuck for 9-5

Puppy nip and tuck for 9-5

By having an all-new substitute unlikely until 2008, Saab’s 9-5 will need to soldier on as flagship for that Swedish firm for a while yet. But allow it an opportunity, Saab has refreshed the eight year-old design with a brand new nose and tail and revised interior.

Probably the most dramatic changes are in front, which will get new headlamps, grille, bumper and modified bonnet. Behind, you will find new tail lamps along with a new bumper. Body-coloured door handles and new sill covers complete the appearance.

Within the 9-5’s distinctive interior continues to be revamped with simplified climate controls, a brand new sitting-nav system, new instrument faces, new door trims along with a new controls.

Information on the technical changes are now being stored under wraps before the car’s debut in the Frankfurt motor show. However, Autocar realizes that the suspension continues to be modified, together with a wider track front and back.

Power originates from the familiar turbocharged four-cylinder engines along with a 150bhp 1.9-litre turbodiesel, the 9-3’s V6 turbo gas will not be fitted because of the extensive re-engineering that might be needed. The ultimate touches are now being offer the 9-5’s substitute, which is according to GM’s Epsilon II platform and will probably be built-in Germany.


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  1. FlaMmo says:

    nice job mmobomb *thumb up*

  2. ipach says:

    Nice piece. As a musician, my wife has gone through a lot of the same struggles it seems Jessica is going through trying to maintain and grow a creative life while feeling both the joys and guilt that can come with motherhood. It is definitely a major identity crisis, and especially as women sometimes have to work twice as hard to be taken seriously in certain industries, it is especially tempting to believe that somehow becoming a mom and caretaker might somehow take away one&1quo;s professional aptitude or identity. Congrats to Jessica for the new family and for the opportunity to work on such an exciting project in the midst of all the life change. I recall back when that she had mentioned on numerous occasio1 like on podcasts and stuff how being a games writer like at BioWare would be a dream gig, so this is definitely a huge step in the right direction. Good luck and again, congrats!

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