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Hot Honda Civic’s power hike

Hot Honda Civic’s power hike

The limited-edition Honda Social Type R Mugen has gotten an electrical and torque hike because of a reworked form of the venerable K20 powerplant.

Just 20 types of the motorsport-derived Honda Social Type R Mugen continued purchase this past year, but for the latest version technicians at Northampton-based Mugen Euro company have elevated the cylinder bore and stroke from the engine to 2156cc.

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It makes sense a 20bhp power hike to 260bhp and extra torque on tap through the rev range, having a peak of 177lb foot at 6000rpm.

The tweaked engine capacity has motivated Honda to christen the brand new machine the Social Type R Mugen 2.2. Like its predecessor, the device features Mugen-created sports suspension, uprated brakes along with a performance bodykit.

The Social Type R Mugen 2.2 continues to be developed like a tribute towards the Honda K20 2.-litre gas engine, that has stopped production in Japan. The race-tuned engine has powered the only real two complete road cars created by Mugen – the Japan-only Social Mugen RR four-door saloon and also the Social Type R Mugen created within the United kingdom.

Hiro Toyoda, vice-president of Mugen Euro, stated, “Environmental pressures mean naturally aspirated engines are quickly being replaced by other engine architectures and technologies. We might never begin to see the like from the K20 inside a mainstream production vehicle again, therefore it felt only fitting we mark the occasion with this particular special 2.2 form of the Honda Social Type R.”

It isn’t yet obvious the way the Honda Social Type R Mugen 2.2 is going to be offered. From the 20 limited-edition 2.-litre cars launched this year, four remain unsold and it is possible Mugen Euro offer all of them with the reworked engine.

Existing proprietors from the Honda Social Type R Mugen may be asked to come back their cars to have an upgrade. Honda United kingdom states a choice is going to be made shortly.

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