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Paris motor show 2012: Audi diesel for Porsche Cayenne

Paris motor show 2012: Audi diesel for Porsche Cayenne

Porsche has added another diesel model to the Cayenne line-up included in efforts to help boost its sales potential when confronted with elevated luxury Sports utility vehicle competition.

The brand new Cayenne S Diesel runs the most recent evolution of Audi’s 4.2-litre V8 diesel engine and makes its debut a the Paris motor show.

With twin variable vane turbochargers and also the latest in piezo valve led common rail injection technology, the 90-degree unit kicks out a BMW X6 M50d beating 377bhp and 626lb foot – a rise of 140bhp and 221lb foot around the existing single turbocharged 3.-ltire V6 diesel engine based in the popular Cayenne Diesel.

Based on Porsche’s own performance figures, the additional reserves are sufficient to haul the 4-wheel drive Cayenne S Diesel from dead stop to 62mph in five.7 seconds and also to a high speed of 157mph. Additionally they help extend its towing ability to 3500kg.

Combined economy is with a rating of 34.0mpg and CO2 emissions at 218g/km because of various fuel-saving technology including stop-start.

Just like rival BMW and it is new twin-turbocharged 3.-litre in-line six-cylinder diesel engine, Porsche states it’s labored hard at supplying the brand new V8 diesel, also is earmarked to participate a facelifted Panamera line-in 2013, having a distinctive seem, so it likens to the classical V8 gas units.

The strong torque characteristics from the big diesel has additionally brought to some unique set-up for that Cayenne’s four-wheel drive system, with torque vectoring set to offered as optional equipment.



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    The Vita is a great system, been enjoying it since last Christmas. Knew I wanted one since I heard Binding of Isaac was going to be on it. Tablets and smartphones are fine but having butto1 and thumb sticks will always make a systems superior to a flat screen device for me.

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    Best I’ve ever managed was Rank 2, but the lack of win streaks post Rank 5 makes it such a slog and I just don’t have the time/energy to commit to chasing Legend any more.nThat said, I am already on Rank 7 this month…

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