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U.S. North to South 2015: Juneau, Alaska

U.S. North to South 2015: Juneau, Alaska

Chevrolet Colorado Juneau

After Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, we fly south to Alaska’s capital, Juneau.

Juneau is America’s only condition capital that can’t be arrived at by vehicle – only boat or plane – since it’s road network doesn’t hook it up holiday to a towns. It’s guaranteed to remain this way as half its residents and it is mayor opposed an agenda to construct a road that will. But while you can’t drive anywhere, Juneau includes a very dynamic carpark.


First, a bit more trivia on Juneau, which owes its existence to Alaska’s initial gold strike in 1880 called the first town to become founded after Alaska’s obtain the Russians in 1867. The Alaskan capital was initially Sitka around the Gulf Of Mexico coast, but following the whaling and fur trade declined and reduced Sitka’s importance, it had been gone to live in Juneau in 1906 and stays so until today, despite many challenges to maneuver it again when i described in the last episode of the series.

Ford F-350 Juneau

Flying from Anchorage to Juneau is much like flying above a very different planet. The Bering Glacier, Kluane National Park, Tatshenshini Alsek Park (Canada) and Glacier Bay National Park unfold before your available eyes. You will see glaciers stretching for more than 100 miles before breaking directly to the Gulf Of Mexico as small-searching icebergs while turquoise waters meander between snow-covered peaks towering the clouds. Landing in Juneau can also be a fascinating experience, because the landing strip includes a parallel waterway to permit take-off and landing from the large number of float planes contained in town.

Juneau street scene 2

Almost millions of cruise-ship passengers unload onto Juneau every year, and also the historic downtown area basically closes when ships sail away. There are a few new vehicle dealerships in Juneau, plus they naturally possess a drastic effect on the vehicle landscape around. Probably the most striking aspect of the Juneau carpark may be the outstanding domination of Subaru. Roughly one out of every five vehicles in circulation within the Alaskan capital is really a Subaru, which needs to be a global record. Not really in your own home in Japan can Subaru boast such ratios, that have been calculated on the representative sample of 400 vehicles around.

Subaru Forester Juneau 2

Subaru probably doesn’t command around 20 % from the Juneau new light vehicle market. However, it appears as though every owner continues to be clinging for their Subaru because the first ones hit the roads within the 80s, producing a greater carpark ratio. All generations of Forester, Outback, Legacy and Impreza are happily streaming the roads of Juneau.

Subaru Legacy Juneau

Leo from Mendenhall Auto Center confirmed Subaru is the greatest-selling brand around, using the Forester the very best-seller with a large margin. This specific dealership sells roughly five Foresters for each Outback that leaves their lot. Let’s bear in mind Mendenhall Auto Center can also be the state Juneau dealer for Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, Toyota and Honda, but nonetheless sells more Subarus than every other brand. Subarus are particularly popular here because of their high ground clearance, safety record, six year warranty and gas mileage – an ideal mixture of city driving functionality and countryside roads ability, although the lonely roads around Juneau are paved.

Juneau street scene

SUVs do dominate around and still outsell the pickups that take into account only a quarter of traffic. We will have this trend reverse once we go further south and also the towns get much smaller sized. The Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V are perennial favourites, but Subarus hold their very own from the newest records. Mendenhall Auto Center cites a girl customer who test drove both Honda HR-V and Subaru XV Crosstrek, selecting to buy the second like a more able four-wheel drive vehicle.

Typically, Subaru proprietors in Juneau exchange their current two- to 5-year-old vehicle for a replacement in the dealership. All Subaru models are popular in Juneau, such as the XV Crosstrek, Outback as well as the Impreza hatchback (I spotted many around whereas the Impreza is usually rare within the U.S. landscape). The proof is incorporated in the pudding: Mendenhall Auto Center in Juneau had Body – new Impreza left on their own lot after i visited. Others have been clicked up already.

Ram Juneau

Logically, Leo also reported the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel like a favourite around, and that’s using the Condition sales charts placing the Ram Pickup within the overall pole position. Another primary dealer around is Jeep, and there’s indeed an absolute skew towards more Jeeps in Juneau than in the last (and then) towns I visited in Alaska. Other notable successes here range from the Honda Element and Dodge Durango. Obviously, the Ford F-Series and Chevrolet Silverado fill the roads as always, and non-Subaru passenger cars are covered with the Toyota Corolla and Yaris.

Saturn SL Juneau

A unique mention to GM’s defunct brand Saturn, showing a good heritage in Juneau having a couple of SL models spotted around.

Departing Juneau by ferry (and never cruise-ship or plane) may be the trickiest, because the town’s ferry terminal has run out of achieve Juneaus sadistic bus network stops in the airport terminal and doesn’t go completely towards the ferry terminal in Auke Bay, beyond the Mendenhall Glacier. Even just in Juneau, like elsewhere within the U.S., youre supposed to possess a vehicle. I cant wait to climb onto my Ram 2500 in San antonio then!

Next we hit Petersburg, further south but nonetheless in Alaska.

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