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Blow-up factory threat on hold

Blow-up factory threat on hold

French workers in a parts supply factory have postponed their threat to mess it up up after their union decided to talks using the French industry ministry.

PSA and Renault would be the primary clients in the New Fabris factory in Chatellerault, central France. Workers have been threatening to inflate the guarana plant using gas canisters once they received the things they claimed would be a derisory pay-off package once the firm joined personal bankruptcy.

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PSA and Renault have finally decided to buy New Fabris’ remaining shares around the condition the money would go to the 366 redundant workers. However this could leave the employees with €6600 (£5700) each. Unions are demanding each worker receives €60,000 (£52,000).

Union leaders will meet government officials on Thursday so that they can resolve the dispute. A union representative stated, “We needed to take this chance. Time is restricted. But there needs to be significant progress. The canisters are now being stored and stored under surveillance and they may be re-installed anytime.Inches

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