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‘Proton could sell Lotus’ – Bahar

‘Proton could sell Lotus’ – Bahar

Group Lotus’s Malaysian owner, Proton, might consider selling the Hethel-based sports vehicle maker to some major worldwide vehicle group that may supply the lengthy-term backing it requires, based on Lotus Chief executive officer Dany Bahar.

The purchase of the organization could be an apparent option, states Bahar, once Lotus has launched some of the five suggested performance models it’s planned, beginning using the new Esprit V8 supercar in 2013.

“There are three obvious options,” he stated. “Proton can keep Lotus, float them back or market it outright. It might be quite understandable if the owner which has invested a lot desired to visit a return on its investment, particularly if the buyer were a significant vehicle maker that may back Lotus for that lengthy term.”

Bahar stated Lotus is ongoing to market around 2700 cars annually and it has met all of its timetable and turnover targets. Consequently, a current trip to Lotus by Proton’s top management was “routine, without any surprises”.

Bahar made his comments in front of Asian investment firms reporting that Proton should sell Lotus within the Christmas period.

Like a election of confidence, Proton bosses have extended Bahar’s own contract until a minimum of 2015.


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