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Quick news: Citroen DS3 concept, Renault proceeds with partnership

Quick news: Citroen DS3 concept, Renault proceeds with partnership

A brand new Citroen DS3 concept, produced by partnering with Benefit Cosmetics, continues to be proven. The vehicle, which is displayed in the Clothes Show Live event in Birmingham this month, features bespoke paintwork and colored alloy wheels. The inside has additionally been trimmed in Italian leather, featuring pink detailing throughout.

Skoda will begin focus on its new rally vehicle the coming year. The organization states development around the successor to the current Fabia Super 2000 can get going ahead in 2014, and can enter worldwide rally occasions annually later.

Renault and Dongfeng happen to be given approval from China’s National Development and Reform Commission to go forward using its partnership plan. The plan can lead to the development of a brand new firm, Dongfeng Renault Automotive Company, and can allow Renault to benefit from china market.

Bugatti has offered its 400th Veyron, and therefore just 50 units from the vehicle continue to be open to order. Bugatti has stated that manufacture of the Veyron and it is variants could be restricted to 450 units. It is a puzzle if Bugatti has intends to increase its production run.


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