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Update: Salon Prive gallery

Update: Salon Prive gallery

The 4th annual Salon Prive luxury and supercar continues to be happening in the Hurlingham Club in west London.

Cars such as the Veritas RSIII, Aston Martin One-77 and Maybach Zeppelin have been in display in the show and Autocar has spent your day in Fulham getting best wishes pictures and news in the exclusive event.

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Salon Prive is really a small event, with 3500 visitors over 72 hours, but attendance this season was up 26 percent. It offers an excellent vehicle show and Concours d’Elegance.

The Jaguar XJ made its first public appearance and also the production form of the Veritas was unveiled the very first time, now having a BMW V10 in the M5.

Celebrities in the exclusive event, that amounted to £125 a mind, were fellow Ferrari fans Chris Evans and music performer Jay Kay.

Click the link to determine the entire Salon Prive picture galleryBlog: Salon Prive: costly, but it seems sensible



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  1. Rgevake says:

    I liked the pvp system of this game very much. With lots of player of opposing faction meeting at battlegrounds and caergate is hooking.
    The story is nice, with a postapocalyptic and futuristic tur1. What I didn&1quo;t like is the grinding that was required after about lvl 18. Still, the pvp and the story is far worth it.
    Concerning the outfits, as someone has already said, it&1quo;s nothing that you don&1quo;t see in other mmos. But in Scarlet Blade such outfits are everywhere. That&1quo;s not bad and when you reach the level at which you can enter Caergate and battlegrounds, the visual side of your characte1 go back in line and the fi1t thing you enjoy is the fast paced pvp and raids.
    All in all it&1quo;s a nice game but I wish the level cap would rise.

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