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Nissan’s cleaner engine technology

Nissan’s cleaner engine technology

BMW has VANOS Toyota uses VVTi for Honda it’s VTEC. Now Nissan has tossed a brand new acronym in to the automotive vernacular – Variable Valve Event and Lift, or VVEL for brief – an electric train engine induction control system that offers to cut carbon emissions, save fuel, and improve performance. Such as the others pointed out, this can be a sophisticated valve control system that manages the quantity of air that enters any of the engine’s cylinders by tailoring the movements of the intake valves. At low and medium crank speeds, VVEL keeps valve lift low to lessen camshaft friction and stop the environment and fuel mixture blowing back from the open valve at faster engine speeds it will the alternative, allowing more air in to the cylinders. Together with Nissan’s Continuous Valve Timing Control (C-VTC) that facilitates cleaner, more effective combustion and means less fuel is needed for the similar creation of power. Additionally, it enables the engine to warm-up more rapidly on start-up, which activates the catalytic ripper tools sooner and cuts CO2 emissions.The very first cars to feature VVEL is going to be Infiniti’s G37 coupe, but Nissan’s forthcoming 500bhp, Porsche Turbo-chasing GTR can also get it. Alongside direct fuel injection, the machine will have many in meeting Nissan’s dedication to make its gas engines as carbon-friendly as conventional diesels by 2010.


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