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2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid – First Drive Review

2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid – First Drive Review

Exciting news in the Porsche world! The knockout styling from last years Sport Turismo concept makes its production debut evidently-lifted 2014 Panamera. Except … er, the concepts gorgeous rear finish is nowhere found. The alterations are extremely minor that Porsche needed to take us via a slide show therefore we could learn how to tell the brand new vehicle in the old one. False alarm. You will find, however, plenty of significant changes. The greatest the first is underneath the hood from the hybrid model, that is now a plug-in. It maintains the 328-hp, Audi-sourced 3.-liter V-6 but swaps that old hybrids 1.7-kWh nickel-metal hydride battery power for lithium-ion cells having a sum capacity of 9.4 kWh. The electrical motors output greater than doubles, to 95 hp, and also the cars electric-only top speed rockets from 53 miles per hour to 84. The trunk-drive Panamera Hybrid are now able to hit 30 miles per hour in EV mode in 6.1 silent seconds-not Tesla Model S performance, but still slow in Porsche terms, but enough to maintain traffic. Even better, range jumps from a night-stroll 1.2 miles to some daily-commute 22. When the engines running, this can be a seriously quick vehicle. The powertrains combined creation of 416 hp and 435 lb-foot pushes the E-Hybrid to 60 miles per hour in five.2 seconds, half another faster than last years Panamera S Hybrid. The vehicle puts up a great fight within the corners despite weighing an astounding 4619 pounds. (For that record, thats a barely understandable 717-pound putting on weight within the base, nonhybrid Panamera.) Theres a bit more understeer, and also the extra mass is noticeable when turning and stopping, however the Porsche maintains the sports-vehicle moves of their predecessor and much more typically powered brothers and sisters. The only exception may be the braking mechanism, which, in typical hybrid style, feels as wooden as all of the trees that it is proprietors is going to be hugging on weekends after 5 days of gas-free commuting. Environmental protection agency fuel-economy figures havent been released, however they should crush that old models 2?-mpg rating. Real-world economy will, obviously, have a disproportionate dive the farther you stray from that 22-mile electric-only range. At freeway speeds, the Panamera is eerily quiet, especially in the new lengthy-wheelbase Executive model, which will get extra soundproofing to cosset its back-seat passengers. Built mainly in the behest from the Chinese, preferring to become driven, the manager will get a 5.9-inch wheelbase stretch. Along with a massive bump in cost-$20,000 around the Turbo and most $27,000 extra around the 4S. Another big switch to the Panamera line is available in the S model, which utilizes a brand new twin-turbo V-6 instead of that old naturally aspirated V-8. It can make 20 hp more, for as many as 414, and fuel consumption drops by 20 %. PDK-outfitted Panameras will also get something which Porsche calls “virtual intermediate gears,” in which the transmission slips the clutch at low speed to lessen revs and fuel consumption. Thankfully, the motive force-focused GTS is exempt from such technical “enhancements.” It hangs onto its unblown V-8 (now as much as 440 hp) and it is position as the most popular Panamera. Big rump and all sorts of. 2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Cost: $99,975 Powertrain: 3.-liter hybrid V-6, 416 hp, 435 lb-foot (combined) RWD, 8-speed automatic Weight: 4619 lb -60 Miles per hour : 5.2 sec Top Speed: 167 miles per hour On Purchase Winter 2014:

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