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October 3, 2016 Comments (0) Views: 313 Explore

VW Passat CC will get an additional seat

VW Passat CC will get an additional seat

The Volkswagen Passat CC will be offered having a middle rear seat.

The vehicle continues to be offered with two individual rear seats from launch, and can now simply be like a 5-seater – even though the middle seat space is smaller sized.

Begin to see the new VW Passat CC seating arrangement

VW has additionally announced other updates for that Passat, including touch-screen satellite-navigation and Bluetooth devices as standard.

The GT model also will get cruise control, front and back parking sensors, along with a leather interior.

Costs are also up – although VW states the additional package was outweighs the rise. The entry-level model, for example, costs £515 more but has £1000 of package.

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