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FTC Looking into Volkswagen’s ‘Clean Diesel’ Claims Now

FTC Looking into Volkswagen’s ‘Clean Diesel’ Claims Now

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The Ftc will join the U.S. Department of Justice and also the Ecological Protection Agency in investigating claims that Volkswagen cheated consumers and regulators with bogus emissions claims of their diesel cars, Politico reported (via Bloomberg).

The FTCs inquiry will concentrate on if the German automaker lied to consumers about clean diesel claims in the advertisements when, actually, the cars were engineered to trick emissions tests.

The Federal trade commission, Justice Department and EPAs investigations also joins an analysis through the U.S. Senate Finance committee on if the automaker unlawfully acquired $50 million in federal subsidies through vehicle clients who purchased its cars and received the lean-burn technology automobile credit. Inside a letter to Federal trade commission chairwoman Edith Ramirez, Sen. Bill Nelson authored he was outraged that VW would cheat its customers by deceiving them into purchasing a vehicle that wasn’t that which was marketed.

Nelson may be the ranking Democrat around the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee.

The Federal trade commission analysis has the legal right to pressure Volkswagen to refund part or all consumers purchases when the department determines the automaker committed fraud.

The Federal trade commission inquiry could join 50 states attorneys general, countless civil lawsuits and there is a lot Volkswagen will have to reply to for, is exactly what were saying.

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