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Nissan production/sales lower

Nissan production/sales lower

Nissan’s year-on-year global sales were lower 21.4 percent in May because the fall sought after for brand new cars ongoing.

Japan firm offered as many as 259,169 cars worldwide in recently. European and US sales were particularly poor, falling by 29.8 percent and 33.1 percent correspondingly.

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Global production seemed to be lower in May, falling by 27 percent to 201,340 units created. United kingdom production fared slightly better, having a fall of 19.9 percent to 26,221 units.

China was the only real region to exhibit annually-on-year increase for May both in production and purchasers. Sales improved by 20.5 percent to 57,949 units, while production was up 56.8 percent to 40,340 units.

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  1. hound says:

    Seems with lineage 2&1quo;s massive player hike that NC is trying to get into the F2P market :^|

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