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Look For New VW Financial Officer Ongoing

Look For New VW Financial Officer Ongoing

2011 VW up!

Volkswagens look for a new finance chief to fill the function vacated by new chairman Hendes Dieter Poetsch continues to be going strong.

While on the ground in the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show, Reuters requested Chief executive officer Martin Winterkorn if your successor have been found. Winterkorn stated he’d make a comment once the issue was resolved, stating little else throughout the interview.

Picking a Poetsch towards the mind from the board follows the departure of former chairman Ferdinand Piech resigned the 2009 spring, and offered to unify the different factions active in the infighting all around the ouster. The move also gave Winterkorn two extra years in the helm as Chief executive officer until 2018, although the management issues up to now may stall whatever progress the automaker produced in the U . s . States so far as margins and gratifaction go.

Photo credit: Autoviva/Flickr/CC BY 2.

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