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Toyota plans electric Tesla rival

Toyota plans electric Tesla rival

Toyota is plotting an exciting-electric sports vehicle to rival Tesla included in a number of new performance models planned in in the future.

Naohiko Saito, Toyota’s handling guru, has stated the electrical powertrain previewed within the Toyota 2000GT EV in the Goodwood Festival of Speed is “an early area of the development process involved with refining the technology”. He added the technology could be seen first inside a city vehicle prior to being produced for a sports vehicle.

That may involve mating a handbook gear box towards the electric drivetrain, a thing that has been coded in the 2000GT EV. It channels power with an motor unit and works along with an inverter that alters torque levels being delivered to the wheels with respect to the ratio selected.

Hiroyuki Ogawa, Toyota’s advanced drivetrain engineering chief, stated there is “a wish to use a handbook gear box within our electric and hybrid sports cars”.

He added the CVT gear box was “efficient although not fun”, and also the manual ’box “promises far better sense of the driver”. A production manual hybrid from Toyota reaches least 3 years away, he confirmed.


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