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Toyota FCV to be sold in 2015 – News

Toyota FCV to be sold in 2015 – News

After two decades of development and research, Toyota states its finally prepared to start selling hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to consumers the coming year. The state announcement originated from Bob Carter, senior v . p . of Toyota Motor Sales US, in the 2014 Worldwide CES in Vegas. With only 134 hp emanating from the motor unit to make a 10-second -60 miles per hour run, the Toyota FCV is much more Prius than Model S in performance terms. However, it’s an all-electric vehicle, meaning it’s ample low-finish torque. And then any EV driver will explain that driveability is usually a lot better than exactly what the raw figures suggest. The hybrid stalwart continues to be reluctant with regards to battery electric vehicles during the last many years. Despite a partnership with Tesla to create the RAV4 EV, Toyota has continued to be dedicated to fuel cells since it’s zero emission powertrain of preference. Hydrogen doubters like Tesla Chief executive officer Elon Musk prefer to highlight two primary issues with fuel cells: the price of the hardware and also the accessibility to the fuel. But Carter claims Toyota has reduced the price of its fuel cell system by 95 % since building its first Highlander fuel cell prototypes in 2002. Toyota has frequently shown the sturdiness and efficiency of their fuel cell system, together with a 2007 drive from Fairbanks, Alaska to La with Road &amp Track alum Dennis Simanaitis associated several Toyota engineers. Toyota hasnt specified precisely what continues to be altered within the fuel cell stack and tanks, but reduced interest in platinum catalysts and taking advantage of motors and electronics produced for the Prius must reduce immediate and ongoing expenses. Toyota has additionally dedicated to addressing fuel distribution. A 300-mile range along with a sub-five-minute refueling time imply that, like Teslas Supercharger network, motorists might get by having a relatively few stations. Dealing with College of California, Irvine researchers, Toyota estimates that 68 stations put into the San Fran, Plastic Valley, La, and North Park could support a population of 10,000 FCVs within the condition. The Ten presently active stations will each be augmented by 20 more over the following 2 yrs. Toyota hasnt disclosed vehicle prices or just how much (or no) money it’ll invest in kick-beginning the hydrogen fueling network. Carter also hasnt confirmed set up FCV is a person in the Prius family, as continues to be speculated.

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