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Hennessey 2015 Mustang breaks 200mph

Hennessey 2015 Mustang breaks 200mph

It had been only dependent on time. After striking the rev limiter at “only” 195 miles per hour inside a black supercharged 2015 Mustang GT with 717 horses, individuals at Hennessey Performance had one singular goal in your mind: The 200 miles per hour barrier. Clearly, the 717 hp supplied by the tuners HPE700 package wasnt enough-let alone the limitation appeared to become gearing, not power. Go into the HPE750 Supercharged Mustang, kicking out a claimed 774 horses and 648 lb-foot of torque. Hennessey states this beastliest of tuned Mustangs is going to do -60 in 3.4 seconds, coming to some quarter mile in 10.9 at 133 miles per hour. Everything extra motivation develops from a 2.9-liter supercharger upgraded intake, fuel system, and computer tuning and, obviously, all of the Hennessey and HPE750 badging it’s important to set yourself aside from other people stock GT. The HPE750 runs exactly the same 3.15 differential gear because the example that at their maximum at 195 miles per hour, but bumping the redline up by 500 (to 7700 revoltions per minute) helped the pony pass the 200-miles per hour barrier, John Hennessey described to R&ampT within an email. Exactly what does that equal to? Well, when Hennessey put John Cruz driving in the 8.5-mile high-speed oblong in the Continental Tire Showing Grounds in Uvalde, Texas, he screamed lower the rear right to a Gps navigation-verified top speed of 207.9 miles per hour. Jay Leno was there, too, filming a chapter of Jay Lenos Garage that you can see on CNBC sometime later this season. With tuners like Roush involved in the 700-plus-horsepower Mustang club, it had been only dependent on time before someone built a 200-miles per hour Mustang. The issue now: Just how much faster would they go?

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