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Fiat 1 to create a comeback

Fiat 1 to create a comeback

Fiat bosses have provided the eco-friendly light to a different model offensive that will see the organization launch two extra models through the finish from the decade and unveil radical new engines. The surface of the list is really a new supermini which will sit between your Panda and Punto and can revive the famous 1 nameplate. The all-new 1 is going to be built on the shortened form of the Punto platform and it is likely share the majority of its engines along with other critical factors. It’s understood that Fiat’s engineers are enamoured using the new Mazda 2 and, around 3.8-metres lengthy, the brand new 1 may have similar dimensions. “We wish to out-Mazda 2 the Mazda 2,” stated a senior source, indicating the new vehicle will major on style and usable interior space – however with an very aggressive cost tag. Among the likely powerplants for that 1 is really a recently developed 900cc two-cylinder turbocharged gas engine, producing around 100bhp. This so-known as MultiAir motor may also be introduced in to the Panda and 500, with promises of outstanding gas mileage and CO2 emissions.

Other models

Also coming along in ’09 is really a new crossover 4×4, bigger compared to new Sedici, that Fiat sources describe “a better-searching, cheaper Nissan Qashqai”.The brand new vehicle will share plenty of mechanicals using the just-launched Bravo and, such as the Nissan, be accessible in-front wheel drive and 4wd variants. It will likewise have the choice of 5 and 7 seats. Further afield, the all-new Panda will emerge this year.

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