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LEAKED: 2017 Ford Fusion – Do You Know The Main Difference?

LEAKED: 2017 Ford Fusion – Do You Know The Main Difference?

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 12.32.30 PM

Is that this the refreshed 2017 Fusion? A Ford slideshow presentation used in the J.P. Morgan Auto Conference sure suggests the affirmative, based on AutoBlog. Yet, it doesnt seem like much of change is afoot using the Blue Ovals midsize sedan. Youd be difficult pressed to locate a difference whatsoever.

The slideshow doesnt supply any information on the refreshed-searching model pictured, but we are able to have a couple of educated guesses.

For just one, the Fusion will probably retain its powertrain options – without the base 2.5-liter fleet flavorite. There’s a big change Ford could ditch it altogether in support of the fir.5-liter EcoBoost that presently sits one rung greater around the current ladder.

Using the Taurus searching increasingly more prone to leave the American market, is the Fusion will that role with V6 power? Thats unlikely, because it would not in favor of the grain of the present market – other sedans are downsizing and adding turbos, not upsizing and adding cylinders.

We’re likely set for a reasonably mild refresh that does not rock the boat, but we will have later this season or early the coming year what involves pass.

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