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Covers appear new Lexus LS

Covers appear new Lexus LS

The initial Lexus LS 400, launched 17 years back, wrought a basic revolution within the luxury vehicle market. The task with this 4th generation LS, the 460, is to recapture a number of that first car’s special feel.

The brand new 4.6-litre V8 kicks out around 350bhp (the LS 430 improvised with 278) and thus will get you to definitely 60mph in around 5.5 seconds. It’s married towards the world’s first eight speed automatic transmission, and Lexus claims it’ll consume fuel in a relatively sane rate with average mpg within the mid-20s.

If that is got a little warm underneath the collar, why don’t you awesome lower using the body heat sensors allied towards the heating and cooling? Or possibly switch on the 19 speaker Mark Levinson stereo? When you get too chilled, almost always there is the heated controls.

The trunk has gotten more attention than you are on any previous Lexus – there are just two rear seats, but they have a piece table, power feet rests and massage function. You will see a LS 460L lengthy wheelbase version.

There’s just one problem – the Mercedes S Class. Neither are exactly glorious initially glance, for those Lexus’ talk of their L-finesse design language. However the LS 460 will have to be a mightily good vehicle to contend with the Mercedes.


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