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2014 Honda Accord Sport – Drive Notes

2014 Honda Accord Sport – Drive Notes

The R&ampT staff drives and gratifaction tests countless new cars each year. Because we do not have time for you to give each one of these the entire review treatment, we share select logbook notes here, inside a quick, easily-digested format. Unless of course noted otherwise, each test vehicle is incorporated in the office for 2 days and it is driven by every person in the editorial staff. Each staffer spends a minumum of one day, but frequently more, in every vehicle. David Gluckman, Affiliate Editor Personally i think bad. I type of neglected this Accord over the past weekend. It spent the majority of it tucked right into a blanket of snow, and so i do not have much to say of it. It heated up pretty rapidly after i did find it by helping cover their my snowthrower. So when it had been on the highway, I did not have to switch off traction control to help keep forward progress happening. Type of what youd expect from the Honda, though. It sits there for any day, per week, per month you chisel it of the vehicle-sized icicle, it simply works. And it is a pleasant vehicle they are driving once it and also you thaw out. PLUS: Still the only real Accord which makes sense in my experience, and also the most enjoyable. MINUS: Honda keeps trying and failing within the infotainment department. Look At This: Drive Notes: 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Mike Cruz, Executive Editor Whoa. Strong four-cylinder. You depart every stoplight inside a flurry of revs and wheelspin and torque steer. Type of jogs my memory from the last early-2000s V6 Accord I drove, whether it werent for that seem and small little bit of added vibration. Plenty of functional space. Steering isnt as sweet when i remember it being in the last-generation vehicle, but dang, this factor moves. Our tester is really a manual-transmission vehicle the shifter continues to be among the best in the industry. Busy interior kills it for me personally, though, along with the truth that the Accord just get fatter and bigger. PLUS: Great clutch and shifter. Much more of a sports cars soul compared to Camry, that is what many people shop it against. MINUS: Busy interior-not quite a relaxing, adult spot to be. Which, frankly, is exactly what I would like inside a vehicle such as this. Look At This: Drive Notes: 2014 Lexus ES350 Rebecca Johnson, Copy Chief I drove the Honda Accord Sport yesterday. Getting driven the Mazda 6 a great deal, I had been excited so that you can compare the 2. Sorry 6, I love the Honda better. The Honda has more rear-seat legroom and most likely more room throughout, but thats only a guess. I immediately loved the seats better since they’re cloth, not leather, and they also didn’t freeze the low a part of my when bare skin momentarily touched the fabric. Plus, the seats have lots of adjustment, that is nice. I have no idea when the controls can be adjusted. Once I got the seat situated, I couldnt see the top speedometer unless of course I ducked just a little. If it is not adjustable, that might be a great factor to include. The Mazda does a couple of things much better than the Honda: I love the Mazdas mix-traffic alert system, that is useful in parking lots. Second, the Mazda has better hill-holding compared to Honda. I stalled the Honda two times on the slight incline inside a parking area, however the Mazda doesnt cause you to be worried about such things as that. The Mazda required Several weeks that i can accidentally hit 85-despite the fact that I floored a couple of occasions-when passing trucks. This Honda was zooming to 80 before breakfast. Funny story: I believed the Honda will be a great vehicle for any grandparent, as well as in our August family sedan charticle, we stated exactly the same factor. It had been interesting to check them like this and to possess a obvious champion i believe. PLUS: BIG backseat constitutes a sedan seem sensible. MINUS: Stalled it.

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